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Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes

A week ago I posted a comment on an article about Israel killing militant Palestinian in a Norwegian newspaper, agreeing with the person who
wrote a comment before me, that the media in Norway always blame Israel. The thing that journalist forgot to mention was why Israel launched an airstrike in Gaza.

My comment in Norwegian for people who read Norwegian:

“Jeg er helt enig med deg. Bor i Beer Sheva som ligger 30 minutter unna Gaza og har opplevd selv rakett angrep, noen ganger tre ganger
daglig. En gang så ble det for mye for meg, så når jeg snakket med faren min over telefon og skulle fortele at alle internasjonale studenter ble evakuert, så måtte jeg ta meg sammen flere ganger for og ikke gråte. Jeg tviler at foreldre synes at det er morsomt at barnet ditt gråter over telefon i Israel og forteller at man blir evakuert. Jeg holder alltid foreldrene mine oppdatert om hva som skjer her. En gang så sa moren min at hun blir kvalm av å lese om Israel i media når hun har en datter som sitter i Israel og forteller henne noe helt annet enn det media skriver om. Når jeg skriver om rakett angrepene på facebook, så har jeg fått kommentarer om at jeg ikke vet hva som foregård i Israel og at jeg burde slutte å skrive om det på facebook fordi jeg provoserer folk og at jeg heller burde skrive om det i en blogg isteden for på facebook.
Det er det som virkelig provoserer meg når folk skriver sånt til meg. Jeg har til og med fått en kommentar at det er bra at jeg har kommet meg til helvete ut av Norge.”

My comment in English for people who read English

I completely agree with you. I live in Beer Sheva which is 30 minutes away from Gaza and I have experienced even rocket attacks,
sometimes three times a day. Once it became too much for me, so when I talked with my father over the phone and would tell him that they evacuating international students so I had to pull myself together several times and not cry. I doubt that parents find it funny that your child is crying over the phone in Israel and says that they are going evacuated. I always keep my parents updated on what’s happening here. Once, my mother said that she is sick of reading about Israel in the media when she has a daughter who is in Israel and tells her something completely different from what the media writes about. When I write about rocket attacks on Facebook, I have received comments that I do not know what’s going on in Israel and that I should stop writing about it on Facebook because I provoke people and that I should write about it in a blog instead of on Facebook. That’s what really annoys me when people write things like that to me. I’ve even got a comment that it is good that I’ve got me the hell out of Norway.

After writing that comment I got some nasty comebacks that I should get the hell out of the Middle East. Even one guy wrote that even a kid can see that I am European, and that I don’t belong in the Middle East, and that I should get the hell out of there. I know that I look like European and that I don’t belong in the Middle East, but no one are going to tell me where I should be and not be. The one comment that provoked me most was one comment from a 27-year-old woman who acted like 17 year old. She told me that I should stop lying because no one is getting killed in Israel. That left me speechless. I was wondering what kind of pills this woman was on when writing that comment. There are two sides of one conflict and not only one. In a conflict there are casualties on both sides even though one side seem to have the militarily advantaged. I wondering if such as the widow of the man who got killed in August, thinks that her husband got killed was a lie, I am also wondering what she would had thought if someone told her that people in Israel don’t get killed when her husband got killed. I also wondering what the family of all the people who got killed in a suicide attack will think when someone from another country would say to them, it all lies. No one gets killed in Israel, and that stuff like that doesn’t happen in Israel, but for the families who have lost a love one it’s not a lie, but a reality.

People tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about even though people who are telling me that are sitting back home in Norway while I am the one in Israel. People have told me not to write about rocket attacks on Facebook because I am provoking them, and that I should get a blog. I have also been told that I should be happy that I have gotten the hell out of Norway. If I am not wrong the Norwegian Prime Minster said that “”We have to be very clear to distinguish between extreme views, opinions – that’s completely legal, legitimate to have.(…)”. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/27/jens-stoltenberg-norway-prime-minister-oslo-tragedy-democracy-_n_910636.html)

To me it seems that people have forgotten what our Prime Minster said. I am that people have their own opinions, but then people have to understand that when they have right to have own opinion they have to respect other people’s opinion

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