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Good girl gone Israeli

You are becoming Israeli, is what I’ve heard a lot. Back home I would usually be the quiet innocent girl who just let people pass me in line without saying anything, back home I would also have patience and I would also not be very loud when I speak, but since I have been in Israel everything have changed or I have changed a lot.

When standing line I kind of cut in line as well, or you can put it this way, I find some ways to get in front of people.  The biggest nightmare in Israel is to get on a bus to different places in Israel. There is no mercy. The saying the survival of the fittest can easily be used to describe how it’s like to get on a bus here. My first time trying to get on a bus, I just let people pass me and squeeze me, and after couple of times of being squeezed and letting people cut in front of me, I decided that enough was enough, it was time to bring out the elbows myself. I always say something when people are trying to cut in front me. One incident that I remember most was when I was going to the West Bank with my friend Nicola and some other, and in order to get to the West Bank, we needed to take the bus to Jerusalem first. So, we were standing in front of the line but Nicola and I decided to get coffee. We got the coffee and went back and started to push us through the crowd. That was not very popular with an old lady who started to yell at me in Hebrew, and when the bus came, the old lady started to push me and tried to cut in front of me. I was shocked, thinking: That old lady is tough.

Back home everybody stands in a line and if you cut in line you’ll hear it. I am very curious how I am going to handle going from cutting in line to stand in line with lower patience than I had when I came to Israel. I hope that I won’t go back to Israel with a black eye.

The other thing I have noticed is that Israeli look at me as a good, innocent girl that don’t speaks out loud or talk back. It’s very funny that when they say something to me, they don’t really expect me to say anything thing, but when I say something back, they always get big eyes.  I might have a big mouth but my mom always told me that you shall never take shit from other people.

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