Monthly Archives: March 2012

Israel next!

Hello people!!

I am baaaack!! I haven’t post something for two months or so. That is because I haven’t been in Israel. I have been at home in Norway on vacation. My opinion the vacation was too long. I am really looking forward to go back to Israel and meet my friends in Beer Sheva. I am going to update more than I have done in the past. For the Norwegian readers I have started a new blog in Norwegian. ( I’ll be blogging in Norwegian and in English.

It’s only couple of days left until I’ll be back in Israel. Only two days left. I am not counting the day I am going because I am leaving in the morning. I am really happy to meet my friends in Israel. I never thought that I’ll miss someone that I have only known for couple of months but I miss people that I have experienced a lot with during my first semester in Israel.