It’s a bird, It’s a plane, It’s a bomb….RUN

I know that I haven’t posted anything for a long time, but I haven’t had the time to post anything. As people might know, I am in Israel right now, and I have been here for almost three weeks. I have experienced a lot of new things past these two weeks I have been here. Especially the last week, but before I start writing about the week that have been; I am going to write about what I have done.

Didn’t have the best start to my stay in Israel, I had the flight from hell, meaning that everything that could go wrong went wrong. My flight in Norway was delayed. During the flight from Oslo to London, I didn’t feel very good. I arrived at Heathrow, and of course since it’s me, I managed to forget my laptop somewhere at the airport, and I didn’t realized that I had forgotten my laptop until I was at the gate. I ran back and started to look for my laptop, but after 20 minutes of looking for my laptop, I asked the security guards for help and thank god, someone had returned my laptop to lost and found. Then I was picked out for an extra security check, not fun at all when you are tired and just have run though terminal 1. After the security check I finally made it on board the flight. My body was in pain, and I had to ask three times for some painkillers before I had to walk to flight attended myself. After a 4 hours flight from London to Tel Aviv, I arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport where I had to wait for people who didn’t show up, but taking the train to Beer Sheva was actually fun.

Arriving in Beer Sheva I met the other people in my group. Most of them are Americans. In my group there are people from Sweden, France, Spain and Uruguay. All of them are amazing people. The first weekend, we went to Jerusalem. It was so much fun and we got a tour in the old city. I have been busy with the Hebrew ulpan for the past week. I have been on a night hike in the Negev desert and I have also been on a four hour day hike in the Negev desert. After we were done with the four hour hike, they took us on a 1 hour tour in the sun.

The past week, it has not been quiet in Beer Sheva. There have been lots of rocket attacks. It has not been fun at all. The sound of the siren is the most chilling sound I ever have heard. People who say that Israelis are not suffering in this conflict are wrong. On Saturday it was a bit too much for me. In the evening the siren went off and I walked outside and sat down in the staircase and waited. I could hear three booms, then I walked inside again, and after some minutes the siren went off again. I walked out and sat down in the staircase and waited. This time I heard 7 booms. I have to admit that I was shaking like a leaf, but even though it’s a bit scary I am not going home. I can’t imagine how Israelis can live with this. Now I am in the desert, Sde Boker. We are going back tomorrow, thank God for that.

This is it for now but I am going to post more post regularly.

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